The Sheriff's Office Foundation proudly supports the Sheriff's K-9 unit through donations received.

A portion of the funds received goes directly to items such as:

  • Retirement Care for the K-9's
  • Tactical K-9 ballistic vests
  • Training equipment and tools

The Sheriff's Office Foundation also provides the finical support for the annual K-9 trials. This event open to the public, where you can watch local area police dogs and handlers compete for bragging rights!

Information on the 2022 K-9 Trials.

The Washington County Sheriff's office currently has five canines that are used in a variety of roles throughout the county. There is currently two K-9's which are trained in tracking, one K9 that is trained in narcotics detection, and two K-9's which are crossed trained in both tracking and narcotics detection.

 Deputy Akin and StarkDeputy DiPietro and TuzDeputy Maller and TazDeputy Zaugg and ChaseCorporal O'Reilly and Radar

More information about the K-9 teams can be found here.