If one of your family members is a child or adult with autism, Down's Syndrome, Alzheimer's Disease, or other memory-related illness, the Project Lifesaver Program is a great tool deputies can use to help find and rescue your loved ones more quickly.


A search that might have taken days may now be successfully concluded quickly – saving lives and thousands of taxpayer dollars!

There are costs associated with participating in the Project Lifesaver Program. Project Lifesaver participants receive a plastic bracelet containing a waterproof radio transmitter. Each participant's transmitter is assigned a radio frequency that is unique both to them and to their geographical area.

Donations are needed to supply bracelets and support for those that do not have the financial resources to participate but need to be protected. The WCSO Foundation directs a portion of its donations to families in need so that they can feel protected in the event their family member might go missing.